Pimp Fuck

pimp f-ck is what happens when you gotta tell a b-tch twice
“b-tch don’t make me pimp f-ck you!”

1. to harbor hatred/rivalry for someone while also wanting to have aggressively delicious s-x with them.


origin: an alternate terminology reflecting the “kismesis”/”caliginous romance” quadrant known in the webcomic ‘homestuck’ by andrew hussie. based on one of four types of alternian romances known as “quadrants”.
“man, karkat totally wants to pimpf-ck john.”

“dude taylor lautner is a total douche, i can’t stand him! but i still want to pimpf-ck him.”

“i can’t believe terezi is pimpf-cking gamzee; that’s h-lla messed up.”

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  • pimp style

    an original way of doing something. what makes you, you. (has nothing to do with actual pimps) “nice paint job on your ride, i like your pimp style.” person 1-“man, you’re alright, i like you.” person 2-“i am me, that’s just my pimp style.”

  • pincopple

    a form of s-x when an old man is having s-xual interco-rs- with a young woman. im an old man who is 96 and i have s-x with someone or something that is 10!! this is pincopple.

  • Pininch Face

    the face you make while : 1. remebering an inside joke 2. when your somewhat surprised. 3.when you have a really bad sport picture and it fails completely. -remembering what a friend said- -pininch face- friend 1: wow i just did a pininch face ! friend 2: yeah man i know -smh-

  • Pink Breasted Cock Gobbler

    the rarest bird in the world very similar to the bald eagle and is commonly found in between a females legs. last night she showed me her pink breasted c-ck gobbler.

  • sudden poop thrust

    when you all the sudden get the urge to p–p… and there is no way you can hold it. brian: so i was just at the mall trying on clothes, and got a sudden p–p thrust and just knew i had to cr-p immediately. man, it came out of nowhere!

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