Pimp Hand

your ability to control your ho’s. or the control of your pimpin business. a pimp hand can be strong or weak. keep your pimp hand strong.

even while defending america – your pimp hand must stay strong
1. (n.) a sign of virility, strength or social efficacy. an informal measure of one’s ability to mack, pimp, or generally to get play, action or get your freak on. generally characterized as “strong” or “weak.”
2. to “exercise one’s pimp hand”: to increase one’s skill at short-term s-xual interactions, or to demonstrate such.
3. one’s ability to control one’s b-tches.
4. a back-handed slap, used to emphasize superiority, or a forthcoming need to choke a b-tch.
1. d-mn, son! yo’ -ss picked up some -fine- b-tch-s last night! yo’ pimp hand is strong!
2. you’re losing your touch, man. come out to the club tonight so we can exercise your pimp hand.
3. his strong pimp hand keeps his hos in line.
4. you gonna take that sh-t?! introduce yo’ pimp hand to that b-tch -ss motherf-cker!
the use of ones back hand to exhert force appon ones b–tch

pimps up, ho’s down
“i keep my pimp hand strong…and my b-tch-s in line”
one of the most dangerous hands of all. purpose is to maintain order with hoes, friends, others. the pimp hand works by swingin the back of the hand into someones face to straighten to make them act right. this confident and respected hand is very powerful.
my pimp hand is strong and will backhand cha.
1. the hand you use to back-hand pplz with

2. the ability to keep yo hoes in line

3. something sean connery has
“it’sh ok to hit a woman, as long as it’sh an open hand.”
keepin that pimp hand strong

-sean connery
“pimp hand” is what you lay down onto the beeyotches to keep ’em in line
don’ yo be backchattin’ at me girl, else i’ll be layin’ down some pimp hand and smack some shush into yo goddam’ smart-ss mout!
is the hand you prefer to use for everyday activities such as writing, texting, using utensils, or slapping your hoe.

a pimp hand can either be strong or weak.

keeping your pimp hand strong can evoke fear, demand respect, and increase your income.

individuals who are ambidextrous have 2 pimp hands.
if you are right handed then your right hand is your pimp hand. if you are left handed, then your left hand is your pimp hand.

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