popped ur pimples
i pimpled my face yesterday and mad sh-t came out

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    rolling on floor laughin out loud and so hard that i nearly choke but i see a gl-ss of water on the table and reach up to drink it and i’m okay again. fred: -tells a joke- nekro: roflolashtincbisagowottarutdiaioa fred: d-mn, i thought you were a goner.

  • Rule 444-P

    this rule states that no man should ever know when a girl is on the rag. (similar to the rule 444, girls dont p–p). this rule implies that periods are not real and are lies. (guys dont like to think about them therefor we do not ever ever). girl- i cant have s-x tonight dude- […]

  • Warming Goring

    when consumers or taxpayers are bilked out of money by people supposedly fighting global warming or protecting the environment. “boy, that carbon offset scheme cost millions. we got a real warming goring.”

  • WATR

    watr or “what a twist, rofl” (what a twist, i’m rolling on the floor laughing) used to acknowledge a humorous or disastrous situation. stemming from a certain robot chicken episode which parodied m. night shyamalan’s style of film style in which completely out of the blue situations happen to the characters, often with interesting results. […]

  • Pimp Rabbit

    simply and truly…thijs y’all! pimp rabbit’s in da haaaaouuuuuse! and i’m tearin’ it down, i just gotta walk into da room & da hoez gather round, (yea!) don’t need to utter a word, da ladeez holla “pr!” coz i’m pimp rabbit, gotta dirty lil’ habit, ladeez gotta have it (“oohh!”) & i’ll f-ck you like […]

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