a 1978 zh ford fairlane with a v8 engine. preferably in white colour with gold rims. should have a fluffy white woollen steering wheel cover. the rear m-ffler has been chopped off which gives the exhaust about 180 decibels when it cruises by. makes all losers in j-p cr-p four cylinders with fart pipe exhausts feel all f-ggy when it’s rollin.
man did you check toska cruise by in his pimpmobile? that car is sick, every time he cruises past i cop it. d-mn i wish i had one!
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pimpmobile: big bodied domestic sedan or coupe. preferably lincolin, cadillac, or chevrolet impala/caprice, although ford ltd or chrysler newports suffice. vehicle may contain any or all of the following: spoke rims, hydraulics, stereo system that (at loud volumes) can make rear view mirror detatch from windshield, acc-mulate noise violation tickets, or make the screws holding the license plates on back out. in addition the vehicle favored as a pimpmobile can contain: window tint, more chrome than the automobile came from factory with, fuzzy dice, leopard print or leather interior, sh-g carpet, custom license plates (commonly refering to the vehicle as a pimpmobile or the driver as a pimp).
also see: ghetto cruizer, hooptie, urban -ssault vehicle
take off your shoes ho, it’s not a right, it’s a privilege to ride in the pimpmobile.
a pimpmobile is a term used to describe a large luxury vehicle, usually a 1970s-era lincoln or cadillac car, that has been heavily customized in a garish, extravagant style. customized features such as headlight covers {known as ‘superfly headlights’} hood ornaments, loud stereo systems, unusual paint colors, and sh-g carpet interiors, mirrors on the floor/cieling of the car, were used by car owners/pimps to advertise their purported wealth and major importance.

these customized vehicles were popular with pimps in the ghettos of large cities of the us in the 1970s and 1980s, especially new york city, detroit and los angeles, as a way of symbolizing their power to their community. by the 1990s and 2000s, the term was used to describe any car that was too fancy/godi

pimpmobiles became part of popular culture when they were depicted in 1970s films such as superfly and the mack. in later days they also appeared in austin powers in goldmember and undercover brother. the conversions became popular with americans of all races, and several companies manufactured kits to convert late-model cars to pimpmobiles.

the most popular cars for this customization were cadillacs and lincolns, especially the cadillac eldorado and lincoln continental produced between 1971 and 1978, although lower-luxury models, such as chryslers, buicks and oldsmobiles, were also common. one notable exception is the “corvorado” used in live and let die, which was a chevrolet corvette with eldorado body panels. conversion was done by many custom cars shops across the country such as george barris, e & g cl-ssics and auto gard, inc. as well as many smaller shops.

probably the most famous pimpmobile fabricator was les dunham of dunham coachworks in boonton, nj. les built the cars in superfly, as well as the “corvorado” and the cadillac fleetwood in the james bond film.

wow, that pimp sure be fly is his supafly pimpmobile, wid it gold rims and all and it hoppin down tha street like them lowridas!
one of benders top ten most freqently uttered words from the series “futurama”
im taking the next pimp mobile off this planet!
a cadillac, a pincho, or a d-mn fine s-xy looking car. it often goes well with a pimp, some baby powder, or members of bufu.
yo man, check that car out! that’s a pimpmobile bufu needs!
a sazzy looking car that belongs to a pimp
“dont mess with da pimp mobile hoe!”
the type of poor-quality big–ss car driven by a pimp. unless he’s vietnamese of course. vietnamese pimps ride motorcycles, it’s in full metal jacket if you don’t believe me…
sucky sucky ten dolla, gotta save me, buy reel big pimp-mobile! ya, love you long time so i get caddy!

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