a very specific term only -ssociated with men who care less when women leave, for these men have escalators filled with women to choose from. containing pimptatude does not need to be a man with the t-tle of pimp, or that of a man who sells women’s p-ssy.

derivative of the word pimp. pimptatude is the attributed volume in which a man is qualified. this qualification is similar of levels from 1 to 10, and is directly correlated with the amount of time it takes a man to disregard a woman for another. all women involved in a man whom displays pimptatude give up the p-ssy within a 24 hour period.
bro, my pimptatude level been dropping dog. tasha and brittney ain’t giving up the p-ssy tonight, and i just deleted christina, and all the b-tches in her circle.

“you gotta be careful, bro. my pimptatude is mad high right now, because i ain’t telling the circle of b-tches i’m f-cking, that i’m f-cking within their circle of friends. yo, let me toss you this b-tch i been ready to cross out”.

good looks dog.

“yo, she got a hot little circle too bro, so get that sh-t back up dog.”

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