a ping is the right amount of bud to fill a blunt or a joint

or any other drug for that matter.
just enough for a good high
aye you got a ping?

my boy is getting a dime bag so i will only need a ping now
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the time it takes for a network packet to leave your computer, go to another one, and return. lower = better. can also be a source of gloating in network games. typically measured in milliseconds.
“dude, your ping is 300. get the h-ll off my server before i boot you!”

“ha ha, lowest ping!”
a virtual “poke” (email, instant message, etc.) usually sent for reminder purposes.
feel free to ping me if i haven’t gotten back to you by friday morning!
“packet inter-networking groper.” ping can be used as a command in ms-dos. early computer programmers used this acronym because of it’s similarities to a sonar ping. a computer ping will send a packet of data from one computer to another to measure the time it takes for information to be sent and received. pinging a computer can also help diagnose problems within networked computer systems.
the sound you hear when someone sets off your gaydar.
kristen stewart pings louder than a u-boat in enemy territory.
to send a short message, expecting a yes/no response. originally from submarines, where a ping sound was emitted to listen for echoes from other vessels.
since you’re so busy this week, i’ll ping you again next week about meeting for lunch.
see pong
to pop up on someone’s gaydar
kristen stewart really pings for me. look at her body language!

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