slang; a woman’s v-g-n-
guy- “hey i heard you fooled around with billy-jean”

guy 2-“yeah, i was pretty drunk though ”

guy-“man i’m so jealous, she is fine as f-ck”

guy 2-“don’t be, she has a gross, stinky pinjig”

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  • aphton

    n. a person, generally a small blond girl who waves her hands and prominently explains shes p-ssed off. adj. a flat chested female. n. “man that b-tch is a total aphton!” adj. “you think that girl is hot?” “shes cute but really aphton like”

  • poke ho

    someone who promises s-xual favors in exchange for you to driving them around town to play pokémon go. my poke ho wife offered to let me f-ck her in the -ss if i first drove her by several poke stops.

  • park city peek-a-boo

    when you’re sharing a hotel room and walk around the corner to see not your significant other, fold his d-ck into his pants. holly sh-t… i just saw the park city peek-a-boo.

  • peter squeezins

    what’s left inside a mans shaft after he -j-c-l-t-s after he came his ol lady milked out his peter squeezins until dry

  • trouser ferret

    a large p-n-s wow did you see his trouser ferret i don’t think i can take the whole thing

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