to have as one’s sole objective to drink many many pints at a bar or pub, usually with fellow pinting partners.

using the word “pint” as a verb.

as in “to pint or not to pint..”
i think i will go pinting tonight as i can feel a thirst coming on.

usually someone who is pinting is very focused on getting intoxicated and less concerened with meeting lovely ladies.

a person who is pinting however usually engages in loud conversations and debates.
when you get the munchies and you’re eating ice cream, and you get distracted for a second, and when you look down you’ve eaten the entire pint.

can also be the n-gg-r spelling of painting.
1. bro check out steve over by the fridge. he’s pinting!

2. d-mn n-gg-, i got some fence pinting to do if i wanna buy me some watermelon.
when a person’s aim in a pub/bar is to pull someone of the same-s-x at the bar.
chris was pinting, and it worked! chris and john are hoping to have a civil partnership by the end of the year.

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