a brunette with m-ssive t-ts
shes a pippa she is
a wonderfully intelligent, caring person who will go far in there chosen cause in life.
person 1: g-d i wish i could be like pippa.
person 2: well of course, we all do!
a female name derived from philippa. popular in the uk. means “one who loves horses”
i have a friend named pippa.
means ‘bl-w j-b’ in greek.
bl-w j-b
“i’d like a ‘pippa’ please…”
a s-xy girl with a great leg-gap and lots friends. she gets lots of likes on her facebook photos because she is able to appeal to an audience’s sense of humour. some people appear to have distaste for pippa, but this is just because they are jealous of her looks and her ability to be good at everything she does.
thing 1: “wow! who’s that chick? look at how many friends she has ”
thing 2: “i don’t know, i’m new to town, but she looks like a pippa”
pippa (verb) – when a bridesmaid tries to outshine the bride in hotness.
bride: “gurrrrl, don’t even try to pippa my wedding!”
the most beautiful of people.
she has the most gorgeous hair and eyes.
all the boys want to be with her.
some people dislike her buts thatds because they are jealous of her beauty and perfection.
she us the best friend in the world and is the funniest person ever.
she knows how to wind her best friend up and sometimes it back fires.
she is sporty and her body is smoking hot and has a great b-m!

and her eyes are always…. on point xxx

beautiful, on point, lush, perfect, gorgeous, friend
pip, pippaa, ppippa, piippa, pipppa, puppa, pipps
person 1 : oh whose that girl over their?
person 2: that’s pippa
person 1: she’s super good looking and i head she’s really kind and friendly.
a slang word for ‘sh-g’ in swedish.
it is also a girl’s name, which is quite cruel.
i’ve never met a swedish pippa.
‘pippa, will you sh-g me? ha, pippa, ha, sh-g…’

‘pippa, vill dej pippa mej?’

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