piss off

1. yeah right, whatever, sure. (sarcastic)
2. get lost, go away, f-ck off.
3. to get someone mad.
1. “yeah i dumped 20 pills of ecstacy last night.”
“p-ss off c-nt.”
2. “you’d better p-ss off outta here before the cops arrive.”
3. “you’ve gone and p-ssed off the irs?yo’ in sum sh-t.”
usually used towards people that are annoying you, or disgust you
some dude: “blah blah blah blah”
you: p-ss off!!!!!
commonly used in a day to day society compleatly acceptable version of saying
1. f-ck off
2. get out of my f-cking face
p-ss the f-ck off and annoy some other poor b-st-rd
it’s like saying ‘get out of my face’ with one notch of higher verbal aggression.
what is your problem , get away from me .why don’t you just beat it, pal , get away from my face, p-ss-off !
1 to anger

2 “go away”
bob really p-ssed of gary

gary go p-ss off.
literally means “f-ck off”, but it sounds way cooler because not many people say it
bill: hey roger, what are you reading? a note?
roger: p-ss off bill!
go away.
when someone comes up and annoys you, you would tell them to p-ss off.

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