(n) style of music pioneered by internet musician / pretty cool lady hrmnzr aka paige aka p-ss spears. features vocaloid sampling, heavy vocaloid sampling, and sampling of various vocaloid tracks.
one time i listened to p-sscore.

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  • piss de résistance

    the lowest point, or worst feature of something. i’ve seen some bad artwork in this museum, but this last item really is the p-ss de résistance.

  • rhinocerass

    when seeing a very larger person with the hugest b-tt you’ve imagined. bigger than a usual human -ss. holy b–bs batman, did you see that lady with the rhinocer-ss, she almost got stuck in the doorway!!

  • emergency dram

    emergencydramthe overwhelming need for a wee drink, deoch, nip, whilst moving beween bars. primarily used by people who are from the scottish highlands teuchtersparticularly those who play shinty. “that’s miles away mun, here let’s go in here for an emergency dram”

  • Punch a Grumpy

    the act of taking a really mean dump. i actually have left partys because i had to “punch a grumpy”

  • punoral

    when a woman performs -oral s-x yo you see that piece of nani over there? yea likes it in the punoral!

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