1) a breed of dog that is often stereotyped as being violent

2) a rapper who is as talented as a bag of sh-t

what a cute little pitbull puppy…

oh god, not pitbull again, can someone please put him to sleep?

bad-ss dooggie
a cuban-american rapper who has about as much talent as a bag of dog feces.

pitbull typifies the miami sc-mbag persona perfectly. he is loud, obnoxious, a thug-wannabe, former drug dealer and he was twice busted for dui (and acquitted because of course, it happened in miami).

the now mayor of miami, tomas regalado gave pitbull the keys to the city of miami, which is a joke, considering the two dui charges.

pitbull’s songs are basically re-hashes of other songs, to a repet-tive reggaeton beat.

there are probably 2 million pitbull clones in miami, none of them any less talented than pitbull himself. pitbull typifies the “ref” persona in the 21st century perfectly.
pitbull: “you know you wan’me, i know i wan’cha”
me: “go back to cuba”
the most feared of all dog breeds, but the most awesome and loving of all as well. there are no bad dogs, just bad owners…don’t blame them, train them!
pitbull love 4 life
i breed, raise, train and show american pit bull terriers. i love my pit bull.
the most gentle, sweetest, most loyal all around best dog on earth. unfortunately also gets the most bullsh-t, made for ratings, uneducated, bad press ever.
why did that article say pit bull when it was actually an alligator? dumb -sses.
a good natured and loyal dog that when trained properly can be an awesome pet to have. there are those who take advantage of the pitbull’s strength and courage, and train the dog to become a killing machine, often used in clandestine dog fights. thanks to these idiots and the ignorance of the government of ontario, canada, there has been a pitbull ban placed province-wide. i will soon have to neuter my dog and place a muzzle on his snout when i walk him. the funny thing is that my dog won’t hurt a fly, he is way too canadianized.
pitbulls include the american staffordshire terrier and the american pitbull terrier but some people tend to mistake other breeds as being pitbulls
the best dogs in the world. feared for being violent but don’t blame the dog blame the owner!
i love them they’re the best dogs!
an animal bred for tuffness by men who are genetically deficient in the phallus-region.

pitbulls are often found urinating on churches, attacking elderely women in their sleep, and at least once a month, eating small children.

sadly, this isn’t a flaw of the breed. when raised in a functional environment, pitbulls typically grow to be an affectionate, yet protective, breed of dog. agression is created two ways.

#1 – the aforementioned small-phallus’d man who beats his dog, because he needs to vent. he can’t satisfy women, and no matter how many tribal tats he gets, people still don’t think he’s bad-ss. the dog, in turn, learns to hate all people and becomes a scourge of society.

#2 – stupid, timid women who don’t know what the f-ck they’re doing. letting a dog run a household is so backwards, i don’t even know where to begin. they let the pit get away with everything because he’s so cute, and when he misbehaves she attempts to swat him. the dog snarls, she backs off, and the dog learns to intimidate people.
tuff boi: see my new bluenose pitbull?
dog lover: he’s adorable! want to take him to the dog park to play with the other puppies?
tuff boi: socialize my dog? that would make too much sense.

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