a very uncommon last name, with an irish/scotish background.
also made this so pitchke would be in the dictionary.

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  • pity pork

    the practice of having s-x with someone only because you feel sorry for them; sympathy s-x. john won’t stop whining about how long it’s been since he’s gotten laid…i’m willing to pity pork him myself just to shut him up already.

  • piukana

    f-cking gay h-m-s-xual piece of sh-t who is adopted, no one likes him and is a f-ck-ng r-t-rd who will never meet his real parents because he is unloved and no one wants him cause he is a low life sc-m c-nt loser!! ewww!! look at that piukana.

  • piz to tha imp

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