a h-lla cool town in norcal where you’re either mexican, italian, or philippino. it’s generally low cl-ss to middle middle cl-ss. its downtown is pretty legit, but people (mostly from walnut creek and pleasant hill) still consider pitt to be super ghetto even though we all know that concord and antioch are even more so. there isn’t a huge black population (that’s antioch, haters). and pittsburg is not to be mistaken for bay point as people from both bp and p-world don’t consider bp to be part of pitt.
wc: you wanna hang out this weekend?
pitt: sure. chill in dt pittsburg?
wc: nah, man, that scene is h-lla ghetto.
pitt walks away and no plans are made because wc is too snooty to go anywhere that isn’t “high cl-ss”
one of 38 around the united states

– pittsburg, alabama

– pittsburg, arkansas

– pittsburg, california, named in 1911

– pittsburg, colorado

– pittsburg, florida

– pittsburg, dekalb county, georgia

– pittsburg, walker county, georgia

– pittsburgh landing, idaho

– pittsburg, fayette county, illinois

– pittsburg, illinois, in williamson county

– pittsburg, indiana

– pittsburg, montgomery county, iowa

– pittsburg, van buren county, iowa

– pittsburg township, mitch-ll county, kansas

– pittsburg, kentucky

– pittsburg, michigan

– pittsburg, mississippi

– pittsburg, missouri

– pittsburg, nebraska

– pittsburg, new hampshire

– pittsburg, nevada

– pittsburg, new mexico

– pittsburg, north carolina

– pittsburgh, north dakota

– pitsburg, ohio

– pittsburgh junction, ohio

– pittsburg, oklahoma

– pittsburg county, oklahoma

– pittsburg, oregon

– pittsburgh, pennsylvania

– pittsburg, lancaster county, pennsylvania

– west pittsburg, pennsylvania

– pittsburg, south carolina

– pittsburg landing, tennessee

– south pittsburg, tennessee

– pittsburg, texas

– pittsburg, utah

and – pittsburg, kansas, crawford county, founded 1876

o pittsburg state university, located in that town

the population was 19,243 at the 2000 census.
most who live in these towns despise everyone who doesn’t and ask where do you live? and when they say pittsburg they only think of pittsburghhhh pennsylvania.
pittsburg, but which one?
pittsburg, you mean pennsylvania right? no
totally pittsburg is in the middle of no where.
a chopped meatball and american cheese sandwich. originating in north kingstown, ri.
yo man i got the munchies lets go whip up a couple of pittsburgs
a town in california that has a ghetto and is full of mexicans and blacks. a place where the sun never shines.
“pittsburg is a ghetto”.
the worst city you could ever live in . it consists of stupid ghetto black people and r-t-rded–ss, wanna-be-gangsta’, illegal- -ss, border-jumping gelheads we call mexicans, . 19% black 80% mexicans and 1% whites don’t ever think twice about moving here. there is no need. i can’t wait to get out of this pathetic -ss town.
meanwhile in pittsburg:

luis & luisa: -drives 2.5 mph in their mini-van filled with 600 little mexican kids because they don’t have a drivers license and they don’t speak english-

boosie & dukequasia: -lives in a ghetto -ss apartment that smells like nothing but illegal drugs and weed. won’t bother to get a job because if they had one, they would probably get fired quickly because of their horrible stench-

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