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you can’t beat that pizano!

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  • sai pang

    to c-m, or to j-zz. the act of one releasing yourself. or -j-c-l-t–n. yoooo, i met up with this chinese chick the other night and i sai pang all over her face bruh.

  • squwiddle

    the art of drawing on the toilet can be dangerous if not done carefully. chance of getting the paper wet or getting paper stuck up your crack look at the squwiddle i’ve just done. let me see your squwiddle

  • brithday cake

    -ss jammie has gave timmy brithday cake last night

  • apdle

    how the f-ck did you mess up apple? you: wow i’m an idiot! how did apple becom apdle

  • redneck circ*mcision

    when a redneck girl is giving her brother a bl-wj-b and bites off the tip of his p-ck-r johnny sister gave him a redneck circ-mcision last thursday.

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