Pizzle Dizzle

peace dude. later. bye
(walking out the door) i will be home later. pizzle dizzle

Read Also:

  • playeree

    a player that makes up/changes/bends/overuses rules to win a self-refereeing game. drew – why did you stop playing bball yesterday? adam – john was being a playeree… drew – ohhhh

  • playertism

    when a person thinks they was born as a player. a girlfriend to them usually means more than one. man my n-gg- is straight playertism, he pulls all the hoes at the club.

  • plazmo

    a old short clay-mation… oy, there nic nic, come back here

  • plochered

    to be told one thing and have the opposite happen. gene told me everything was going to be fine and then “plochered” me out of all my chips

  • pole koala

    a rare australian euphemism for a stripper. kevin rudd went all out on those pole koalas!

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