a drunken word for someone who is a basic b-tch.
“man, did you see benika at starbucks? such a pjate.”

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  • christian pierre

    s-xiest guy to ever walk this planet. -drops mic and walks off- (guy) person: “bro, you already looking like christian pierre” (girl) person: “that guy looks hot as christian-pierre”

  • canadian argument

    a hockey fight. “did you see the maple leafs play last night? they had at least two canadian arguments.”

  • igtheism

    a religion that believes all other religions don’t know what the f-ck they are talking about and isn’t taking their bullsh-t. “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn!! y’all see that sh-t?! that dude that practices igtheism next door just knocked that jehovah’s witness the f-ck out!!!”

  • kaoth

    person bad at english me: hi how are you doing? kaoth: me good doing

  • criswyn

    a very very dark piece of sh-t. usually soft and makes the entire bathroom stink like f-ckin -ss. 1: d-mnnn the bathroom smell like some -ss today! 2. yeah, i know, i took a huge criswyn 1. bl–dy h-ll mate. gtfo!

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