something that sounds dirty but probably isn’t.
who left their pj-sm laying around.

Read Also:

  • PlaGue Bear

    any being or ent-te that annoys, leads to your contraction of the plauge, or party-boys you . “geez, you are such a plague bear.”

  • Plus-Dome

    getting an extra good bj, from an extra good looking girl. it’s basically just premium dome… “i hit” ‘what else?’ “plus-dome” ‘say word?’ “and we got it on tonight!” of, or pertaining to domes a: yo b, that yatch is slammin’ b: plus domes

  • PMFC

    pmfc is a girl code abbreviation of ‘pleasure my f-cking c-nt’ that girls say to each other when they see an attractive member of the opposite s-x with whom they would enjoy being s-xually pleasured by. siobhan: ‘tom looks so hot. pmfc tom, please pmfc.’ danni: ‘just give it a few hours.’

  • pntush

    it is a pink slip. pntush someone i know received a pntush in the mail.

  • pobumia

    suck a big one off a huge -ss cow my mom gave my cow a pob-mia.

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