an obscenely dirty, filthy action, typically regarding the “pero”.
i’m going to pladd you with my “pero”! ;d

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    ori is the biggest sh-t c-nt he dribbles diarrhea out from his big f-gina. aka poo vag ori the lacky is dribbling again f-ck he dribbles some sh-t out his big f-gina. he is the biggest sh-t c-nt out.

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    furtive, secretively, so that only a few people know it was a hole-and-corner operation.

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    a girl who laughs, then cries, and doesn’t listen to someone who tells her not to cry, but she cries anyway. me: don’t cry anourine: (cries)

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    riding your bike trainer while strangling your monkey until your chain and floor are both covered in white lightning. i used to hate riding the trainer in the winter until i put the bike in front of the tv, got some p-rn, and started bikerbating.

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