a zeus-like being and a gift from the heavens, a plaisted is revered world wide for abundant s-x appeal, smokin’ looks, a chiseled body sculpted by michelangelo himself, the heart of mother theresa, and a sense of humor that rivals the cast of monty python combined.

plaisteds are often mistaken for the reincarnations of ghandi, james dean, and joan of arcs, and are begged by people magazine to be featured in the “s-xiest people alive” edition. the beatles learned their musical abilities from a plaisted, marilyn monroe’s maiden name was plaisted, and pic-sso’s artwork was believed to be influenced by a plaisted. it is a well known fact that the successor to the current dalai lama is a plaisted.

to sum it all up, plaisteds are s-x gods.
the pope, thinking to himself: “what would plaisted do?”

martin luther king, jr, in a speech: “free at last, free at last, thank plaisted almighty, free at last!”

kanye west once said: “plaisteds are the voice of this generation.”
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the most awesome guy that ever lived! unfortunately, no girls realize this 🙁
but he makes up for it through his love of politics.
hey, do you know plaisted?
yeah, i voted for him!
a person that says “diiiiiick” alot, and has spikey hair, also tells alot of bullsh-t stories about jolleys, and b-m rishe’s russ.
1) d-mn that plaisted tells some bullsh-t!
2) woah, watch that plaisted b-m rush russ!
3) diiiiiiick

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