possibly the most important invention in modern history. they’ve fulfilled man’s oldest dream: to fly.
that plane will take you across the world in less than a day, when back in the days it would take months of sailing.
noun: accourding to samuel l. jackson, absolutely the worst place to have unaccounted-for snakes.
samuel l. jackson: we got snakes on a plane, man!
a marijuana ciggarette. a “joint”
i just rolled a fat plane. you wanna spark it?
something that those motherf-cking snakes should get off of.
samuel l. jackson: thats it! i have had it with these motherf-cking snakes, on this motherf-cking plane!
shorthand for aeroplane.
i just got off the plane an hour ago.
anything that flies, except helicopters, birds, superman and jesus.
“are those planes?!”
“no, it’s just jesus and superman again.”
to use logical argument to utterly refute someone else’s position. from _anathem_ by neal stephenson.
biden totally planed palin in the debate last night.

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