Plastic Face

when you give the same exact expression for multiple photos
comparing yearbooks is a great way to identify plastic face victims
a person who has had so much cosmetic surgery on his or her face that it is so obvious as you look at that person’s face.
that lady had so many surgeries done to her face. as you look at her, you can easily tell that she’s a plastic face!
a verb and a adjective that describes or expresses extreme disgust or shock.
it can also be used as a way to describe someone’s face after they do ccc’s or pop a bean.jaymiee plastic i s the only human thus far who has achieved this look.
“omfg! becky seriously your gone…you’ve got that plastic face!”


“jaymiee plastic…d-mn that boy has got that plastic face on deck 24/7. i feel bad for the person who crosses him!”

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