play on’s

songs that bring lyricism to a new level, making clever jokes about everyday uses
“world cup flow, i can’t kick it witchya” -jay st–z clever use of words that obtain a deeper meaning. “ayo throw in some play on’s on this verse make it hot”

Read Also:

  • friggety froick

    when you want to f-cking swear but there are children or your mother, or other people who would not appreciate it, so instead you say friggety froick. “i don’t get the point of this friggety froick.” or you kick the end of a table and you say: “friggety froick!”

  • midget fidget

    when a midget fidgets her spinner lol that midget is fidgeting her spinner like a f-ggot stupid midget fidget

  • ijmfs

    i’m just mother f-cking saying ijmfs he didn’t have to do all of that he could of just talked it out with her.

  • tsitsine

    a “tsitsine” is an haitian creole word for a male sl-t. kevin is such a tsitsine these days.

  • neil legstrong

    neil armstrong’s second cousin 2 removed. he didn’t quite get to the moon but he gives the moon at a male strip club. “hey do you know neil legstrong?” “yea he’s got a nice moon.”

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