playa hater

most simply, a playa hater is someone who openly criticizes, purposefully attempts to sabotage, or who indulges in any number of other activities/behaviors aimed at someone they consider a playa, or even at playas in general.

the derogatory aspect to the term comes in the idea that the person who’s hatin is really only jealous — they playa hate because they wish they could be as successful, or alternately wishes they could somehow have the playa to themself.

so, of course, quite often a playa hater is someone who at some point or other feels they were done wrong by a playa.
“i was trying to talk to this girl, but she was hanging out with this dude who’s a total playa hater. everything i said, he tried to turn it around to make me an -sshole…”
someone who talks bad about you because you got something that they dont have.
those new shoes are stupid.
see also “player hater.” a hater, of which playa hater is but a subgroup, partakes excessively of criticism and negativity. the defining characteristic of a playa hater is that the hater’s ire is directed at someone who has achieved some level of success (where success may be measured in terms of scrilla, macking ability, or general pimpness). it is inferred that the source of the playa hater’s dislike is rooted in jealousy, and not some other justifiable reason.
that –gga’s been spreading dis sh-t to all sorts of –ggas. i’m through with this b-tch – that salt game throwing, fake muslim being, playa hater has got to go.
somebody who dislikes going to the beach in mexico.
vamanos a la playa!

no, no me gusta la playa. soy un <>.
a group of people made famous by dave chappelle on chappelle’s show. most noted for the playa hater’s ball, where playa haters gather to poke fun and play games. playa hater of the year for 2002 and 2003 is silky johnson.
now i’ve gotta go home and put some water in buc nastys momma’s dish…- silky johnson
sometimes signified by eight wiggling fingers, four on each hand.
you’za playa hater -wiggle-
someone who does not aprove the life style of those who call themselves or are refered to as players (or playas).

a playa hater is often narrow-minded and judgemental.
d-mn! those playa haters stay away from us like we gown kill’em or something.

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