poor life choice. when you do something that does not reflect well on yourself, or could end up hurting your life goals at a later date.
hooking up with that skeeze at the bar what a major plc.

drinking before your big business exam is a huge plc.
plc is the most awesome gang ever. standing for “parking lot crew,” it consists of about 20 homies that enjoy doing the following: b-tch about other people outside their friend group, b-tch about people inside their friend group, flash awesome gang signs across school, and throw up from having too many energy drinks. they are the coolest kids you will ever meet in your life.
hey, you wish you were a member of plc
programmable logic controller, purpose-built embedded computer systems used to monitor and control industrial equipment. the bulk of them today are about as powerful as a 286 pc or even less and they cost as much as or more than a high-end pc. despite that, the hardware and firmware/software in a plc is designed from the ground up for deterministic, hard-real-time operation and i/o intensive applications. they also do not have processor fans, hard drives and other unreliable mechanical parts.
i got linux on a a plc that fits in a rj45 jack
“pa la casa” (to go home)
i’m gonna go plc
a school in sydney:
presbyterian ladies college
but also
prost-tutes large/last chance
look at that plc sk-nk
an all girls school in peppermint grove in perth. they undoubtedly have the best uniform out of all the girls schools (except for the horrible beret which is supposed to be worn during winter) and are the best at everything.
girl 1: did you hear that maddy goes to plc now?
girl 2: i know – i’m so jealous!
picate la cola
samuel told robert to plc.

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