plum hole

wet sh-tty -sshole
your father should wash his plum hole

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  • mizpah

    someone who can make others smile just by being herself. but the rest of the time she’s clueless as h-ll. we all need a mizpah in our lives. you’re being so mizpah right now!

  • wanna get frosty

    in canadian slang this means “do you want to chill and burn?” person 1: hey man whats up? person 2: nm man, wanna get frosty?

  • the doschek effect

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  • spartian helmet

    when a male puts his b-lls on both of his partners ears and lays his d-ck down the middle of the forhead man i can’t believe she let me give her a spartian helmet

  • baby jins

    cute baby’s by two kids who fell in love around 7th grade and lived each other from that day on and made babies! 😂😂 i want baby jins (typically made by some kids with names such as annabella jinsoo)

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