someone that enjoys giving head to guys while they are taking a sh-t. while doing so they can hear the sh-t hit the water, hence the name plunker
baxter: that nasty b-tch amanda gave me a plunker last night, and said she liked the way it smelled!
when a women gives head to a guy while he is taking a sh-t on the toilet
dod that chic gives wicked good plunkers
an australian term for a condom
” you gotta a plunker mate?”
a m-ssive punch through one’s -ss hole that causes m-ssive amounts of pain.
oh d-mn, i’m late on my offering; now i’m going to get a plunker!
a numpty?
an old, wrinkly, used, 40-60 year old woman that is experienced in the game of beer die – particularly in the feat of ‘plunking’ the die into beer cups.

also used interchangeably with the verb ‘to f-ck’
i plunked that plunker.

there’s no way i’m going to take home that stinking b-tch of a plunker tonight. no way.

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