“pound my hairy hole”
though i thought the bear was a top, i soon found out he was a power bottom when he demanded ‘pmhh’.

bearpower bottom

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  • pokute

    a blob shaped animal (vegetable?) found in the j-panese animated series jungle wa itsumo hale nochi guu! the word seems to have derived from a 100 ms sample of muhammed ali’s “rumble in the jungle” speech taken out of context and used in the song fushigi no pokute!! pokute? tastes disgusting!

  • polar rotation

    when heavy breasted women get f-cked doggy-style in the northern hemisphere,their hanging b–bs swing in a clockwise circular motion.conversely,b–bs in the southern hemisphere scribe a counterclockwise path. i had the ole lady’s t-ts in full polar rotation last night.

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