pmroflmaool is a superfused pseudo-portmanteau of several abbreviated phrases all pertaining to expressing one’s particular amus-m-nt (i.e. laughter) at an event that has just occurred.

this pseudo-portmanteau consists of elements of the following expressive abbreviations:

pmsl: peed myself laughing
rofl: rolling on floor laughing
lmao: laughing my -ss off
lol: laughing out loud

with the common element being the word “laughing”. pmroflmaool actually stands for:

peed myself rolling on floor laughing my -ss off out loud. this pseudo-portmanteau is only used in the funniest of situations and should be done so sparingly.
friend 1: yo dude, did you see kim kardashian put on blast on tv last night? that sh-t was too funny man! what a ho’!
friend 2: yeah man, tell me about it! i pmroflmaool’d so hard, i thought i was gonna stop breathing!
friend 1: say what?!
friend 2: just look it up on urban dictionary already…

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