abbreviation of port coquitlam, a smaller city on the outskirts of vancouver. poco is infamous for being a rough almost compton like suburb and also it is where m-ss murderer/ pig farmer w-lly pickton lived. poco was a nice place in the 70’s and 80’s when its population first started to grow and it was also the hometown of canadian hero; terry fox.
“you’re from poco? i know not to mess with you!”
means cr-p, sh-t, poo. derived from the airport code for a town in brazil called pocos de caldas. the airport code being poo.
steve “right, it’s 11 am, i’m going for my pocos”
dave “might join you actually, havent had a pocos all week”
person who is wider than they are tall.

– a human chode
eg. capper
highly derogatory term for thoughts enc-mbered by pop culture reference or -ssociation, usually related to extreme lack of intellectual depth.
his book was the kind of shallow po-co psychobabble you’d hear from that r-t-rded mewling sycophant doctor phil.
a racist term used for any person whos of mexican decent.
we need to round up all these pocos and send them back to mexico.
an idiot that does whatever it takes to get attention.
“hey poco, go cut off your w-ng”
“will it make me cool?”
“ok then”
a kick-ss person with a lot of mental problems who isn’t a chode and lives in a little hic town in texas who is 5’2 and a troubling age of 16 and likes to get high on sugar.
poco: aka: the frivolous oddball that could 1)kick your -ss or 2) lurve your -ss.

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