something you’d write on a sign.
your quote would make a great poensine.

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  • poll dancer

    a politician, usually a prime minister or president, who depends heavily on public opinion in the form of polls to appear popular. david cameron doesn’t stand for what he believes in. he’s a poll dancer.

  • praype

    when a christian tells you they will pray for you without your consent. christian – i’ll pray for you! me – please don’t praype me! via giphy

  • popejob

    a blow/hand job from a woman who has shook hands and/or conversed with the pope. mary gave sam the nastiest popejob after sunday school.

  • prejudicial

    prejudicial is an adjective which means causing or tending to cause harm, especially to a legal case. it can also be used to describe a person showing prejudice to an idea, person or group of people. it can describe something which is potentially dangerous, disadvantageous or counterproductive or in extreme cases an action or actions […]

  • pugapoo

    another name for a cross between a pug and poodle dog breed mandy: omg cute dog what the h-ll is dat breed kat: well it’s a pugapoo of course

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