a not so frowned upon version of the popular word poes. could be used on social media without being blocked by your contacts.
niel is a poer!

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  • p*ss someone on

    motivate someone by insulting them. i p-ss someone on today so bad by calling him a “lazy loser” that he actually went out to look for a job.

  • burpus interuptus

    one long burp that has a slight pause in it due to air in the trachea. some may confuse this as two distinct burps but because it originates as one burp only separated by air it remains one ent-ty. pete: stop burping so much pig! phil: i only burped once -sshole. pete: you burped more […]

  • ockie

    a male orgy in a sports bar dan was really looking forward to the ockie on sat-rday

  • poochie pouch

    when a female’s belly hangs over their poochie she got a poochie pouch kinda like a kangaroo pouch when a female’s belly hang over their poochie she got a poochie pouch kinda like a kangaroo pouch

  • vajfap

    having s-x. just like gofap is to m-st-rb-t- and nofap is to (try to) not m-st-rb-t-. vajfap is essentially “masturbating with a v-g-n-” i.e. getting laid. ….”the optimal -j-c-l-t–n frequency is therefore going to be lower for gofappers, higher for nofappers, and like baby bear’s porridge, juuuuuust the right amount for vajfappers.”

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