the most amazing person i ever meet! she is so pretty, nice and wonderful! she is someone to talk to when your sad and need some comforting!

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  • poofta

    mostly an australian word. poofta = c-nt + p-ssy + f-ggot can be used as either an insult or a compliment depending on the tone or the surrounding words. insult example: bob: oi jeff jeff: yea m8? bob: you are the biggest f-cking poofta ive ever met you piece of sh-t! compliment example: luke: i […]

  • Pooping Tom

    someone who peeks underneath the toilet stall in a public bathroom to view those defecating in adjacent stalls. akin to a “peeping tom” but instead of watching you change, he wants to watch you pinch one off. “i was trying to take a dump in macy’s but i couldn’t squeeze it out because the guy […]

  • Pornatoligist

    a profession that deals with the making, evaluation, and statistics of every type of p-rn imaginable. i really got to study to become a p-rnatoligist one day.

  • potato mode

    having a video game on lowest settings, aka p-ss poor computer can’t display game in screen shots due to lack of computing power. hey brah, come back and post that screenie when you get a better pc, we can’t see sh-t with it in “potato mode”

  • pumpkin slut latte

    basic b-tches that drink pumpkin spice latte near halloween and dress as sl-t version of different animals, usually involving an ear piece, some sort of drawing on the nose, and lack of clothing and a tail. i saw a bunch of pumpkin sl-t lattes at the frats on halloween

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