the action of getting slapped with a wet fish
this boy p-ssed me off and got pollywobbled

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    the abbreviation and more appropriate way of saying “i don’t f–king know” wow, idfk what that was. a semi-polite way of admitting that you don’t have a clue. abbreviation for “i don’t f—ing know.” boss:”what’s wrong with the coffee machine?” you:”idfk!” abreviation-i dont f-ckin know girl-do u like me boy-idfk girl-crying silently #i #dont #f-cking […]

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  • iranian ski goggles

    when you place your persian nut sack gently into the eye sockets of your girl. ben – hey harold, i gave my girl iranian ski goggles last night. harold – ben, you’re my ayatollah!

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