a jew with the face of a monkey who enjoys marbles up their -ss while riding a jacksonian gorilla hop-along race car set, with independent rear lamps with built in “yaawl-c–ntrol” biscuit bakers, down a steep embankment with wet gr-ss in jersey flats, florida, followed closely by gene hackman in a louis-vuitton suitcase with tight-grip action wheels and brakes and bowser’s brand mini-piston engine brandishing a sword-cane pulling tracy chapman on an 1980’s skateboard via a neon green jump rope tossing bacardi and elmer’s glue filled water balloons at schoolchildren and p-ssers-by with an average age of 23 years-young p-ssing by a dorito’s truck driven by dr. thomas fahey who inadvertently spills hot coffee on his nads because he swerved to avoid the monkey-faced jew followed by gene hackman and tracy chapman and the throng of alcohol-soaked, glue-dripping kids chasing them.
duncan: “i don’t know about you, jason, but i feel like a polop today. i’ve got this weird feeling i’m going to be chased today–”

jason: “oh sh-t, dude! there’s gene hacman now and tracy chapman, who’s totally shreddin’ the gnar-gnar, right now! better get strapped into your race car set right-quick, brosef!”

duncan: “dude, gotta run, my man! super stoked to be an ol’ fashioned polop today, though! catcha later, bro!”
1.to come up to someone abruptly followed by a rude, long, obnoxious poke to an area on someone’s body.
2.to push down on your self until it hurts.
my dearest friend got dome while he poloped his dogs limb. mlib

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