1. a collector of guns.
2. a person that is in a condition of registered ownership with more than one firearm. the firearms and their owner are in an informed, honest arrangement and they openly partic-p-te in shooting activities where multiple guns are involved.

3. a person who has an uncontrollable addiction to the possession of firearms. they are constantly thinking about their next acquisition and whether they have enough room in their gunsafe. they read shooting magazines (gun p-rn) for the advertis-m-nts and not the articles. their desire for more guns is often irrational and they justify new additions with flimsy arguments based on need for such features as: longer range, more power, faster shooting, lighter barrel, heavier barrel, pink cerakote and so on..and on. the polygunist is in a continual battle to find time to shoot their ever growing -ssembly of firearms lest the gun be crowned safe queen, which is a certified insult to all operable firearms.
david, the polygunist , took so long to load all of his guns and gear into the truck on range day that his neighbors reported him to the police under suspicion of being a terrorist.

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