a s-x position where the male sticks the tip of his member in a woman while doing a double awkward trout with two other women. it is completed by the male sticking his nose in the middle woman’s mouth. and the camera man is jewish.
man you should’ve seen the polywag i pulled off last night.

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  • rumptacious

    a woman’s tight -ss that looks like perfect juicy rump roasts that are delicious enough to devour yet jiggles when getting f-cked. i would love to slam into jessica’s s-xy rumptacious with my d-ck.

  • bootleg house

    a house where alcohol is sold without a liquor liscense for cheap, especially after midnight and on sundays. i’m going over to the bootleg house cause all of the liquor stores just closed. i know a bootleg house we can go to buy some booze at on a sunday.

  • groffee

    gravy and coffee mixed, with a hint of pepper. did you drink groffee today?

  • sweet*sshole

    some one that u like but is an -sshole your a sweet-sshole

  • gggj

    good game good job when a game finishes and the opponents do well . gggj

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