that one dude who keeps murdering those dirty kids
yo, ponesse just punched that dude in the throat

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  • Pigure

    a word that all the cool kids use instead of the word figure. because the cool kids make typos. guy 1: did you mean “figure”? guy 2: uh, nope, pigure is totally a word. -eyedart-


    shorthand for “put it in her p–per.” refers to the will to stick your d-ck up a girl’s -ss and bang the living h-ll out of her. “dude matt…just piihp and run away fast. she’ll never know what hit her.”

  • Wamp Stamp

    to smack somebody in the face with your p-n-s. vanessa got a good ol fashion wamp stamp from guillermo at big bear

  • pil country

    most likely where you are if you’re drinking molson’s old style pilsner beer. this beer is great for shotgunning and features a green label with rabbits on it. sold in western canada, which is where pilsner drinkers refer to as pil country. also, there are large billboards on the highway all over western canada advertising […]

  • Pilgrimize

    (verb) to apply a style that is very reflective of post-modern self-awareness in pop culture. often employing heavy satirical humor and subtle reference to other works. a technique perfected by edgar wright in the first two installments of his “blood and ice cream trilogy” (“shaun of the dead” and “hot fuzz”) with its name taken […]

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