a bad smell
its a bit pong-whiffy!

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  • Pooch Bait

    an ugly girl – a girl so ugly she needs a pork chop dangling around her neck to attract even a dog. “man, look at that girl, she’s pooch bait” “i need to protect my rep, i won’t date pooch bait even if i’m wasted”

  • poofster

    british slang for h-m-s-xual. you look like a poofster in that pink flowered shirt. 1 more definition a canadian youth the two poofsters headed over to guitar.com and posted gay p-rn all night at the misc forum and watched eachother whack off

  • poon nugget

    almost the same as a dingle berry but a piece of sh-t found on a woman clinging from her v-g-n-l hair. suza didn’t shave for a few weeks and a few poon nuggets.

  • Poon Toss

    1. when you pick up a girl by her poon (female genitalia) and toss her as far as you can. 2. a future olympic sport 3. fun for the whole family wyatt: hey man, i heard theres a mad poon toss going on tonight, wanna join? alex: ahh sorry man, i’m really out of shape […]

  • poop donut

    when u penetrate a girls booty hole, and she sh-ts. the sh-t then envelopes the weiner, making a donut made out of p–p; a p–p donut sydney was gettin f-cked in her booty hole, and she made a p–p donut halfway through

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