point of no return. you’ve gotten this far, might as well keep going. – rhymes with b-n-r.
i achieved the ponr when i accidently made eye contact with the husky girl, so i felt no shame in taking her upstairs for some disgusting, but fun s-xual acts.

while driving, say “ponr” when approaching an intersection when the light is green but you know its about to change…at this point, you are officially allowed to run the red light no matter how blatant it is. – works really well when pulling a trailer with lawn mowers on it in montgomery county, md.
point of no return

in the middle of w-nking you are disturbed by someone walking in on you as you reach the ponr (point of no return) and are ejaculating.
when you walked in it was the ponr. i couldn’t hold it back from c-mming.

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