a girl with an oddly shaped p-ssy.
i was going to marry megan till i found out that she was a ponto.

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  • snail press

    when a male forcefully pushes his genitalia onto a wet window, in full view of others.

  • Completion Day

    the first day in a girl’s life when she gives head to completion. it took twenty years, but it was finally completion day on february 4th when she finished the job.

  • cocksucker (Cok-Suka)

    :see above 2.any person or persons who go by the name bobby rose. 3.see h-m-s-xual bobby rose is a little c-k-suka.

  • Smittybatter

    the dried crusty residue around the -n-l cavity of a p-rn star, left from the last s-xual encounter. i could smell her smittybatter from a mile away.

  • Raspberry Beret

    the act of eating-out a womans -ss while she menstruates onto your forehead. tonys girlfriend gave him a raspberry berry lastnight. he liked it, the sick f-ck. the commission of a bare–ssed fart on a bald man’s head. (hence the “raspberry” sound.) this act can be of the s-xual fetish or horrible college prank nature. […]

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