poo stalling

being a very revolutionary concept, poo stalling is when one holds in their poo for the sole purpose p–ping later when an undesirable event comes up that the poo-carrier would rather not attend. poo stalling causes every attendee to wait on the individual who chooses to poo at the time of the event, causing them to be anxious, mad, or even outright -n-l (if you will). fortunately, p–ping is a practice that can deter any suspicion as to why the one poo stalling showed up late, or didn’t show up at all. poo stalling is a valuable and strategic art. it can be the final solution when circ-mstances seem daunting. poo stalling can even save lives.
hilary had to attend a lame forum but luckily by poo stalling she was able to miss half the lecture and avoid any overly-concerning questions by her peers.

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