the act of masurbating in a object, such as a can or container filled with warm, semisoft poo.
you are a poof-cker

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  • poonbed

    a s-xual area, used for intercourse with a male and female or female and female. poonbed; loveseat; couch; bed; sh-g carpet ; backseat of a vw; etc etc.

  • poondock

    one who is g-dly and very s-xy i wish i could be more of a poondock like kathryn

  • poonknappers

    a group of highly intellectual males who catch poon all day. they keep this poon for their own personal pleasures, to satisfy their needs. hit sixes and get b-tches, n-body talk sh-t about these kids. ain’t n-body gin say sh-t. ain’t n-body! look at those f-ck-n swagged out poonknappers in the corner over there, holy […]

  • poon ninja

    poon ninja : one who can access a v-g-n- for s-xual gratification in record time after a first meeting. a p-ssy hound of the highest order. within minutes she had succ-mbed to his charms. as he gently fondled her nether regions, she realised, even in the throes of her l-st, that she had met her […]

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    a brown noser, one who sucks up i hate the way kim sucks up to the boss…she’s such a p–p snout! when the sh-t coming out of the -ss looks like a pig snout. person who sucks up to the extreme of having sh-t up their sinuses. (brown noser, kiss -ss) jim is such a […]

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