a name for your sweet lover
i love you my little pookey
a mythical creature that likes to snuggle and forage for berries. is pr-ne to temper tantrums to get what they want.
look at the tiny little pookey!
a slag used in the tile industry and on the john bridge tile forum for thinset mortar or another adhesive used to set tile.
“if the tile popped up, must be you didn’t use good pookey, eh?”.
a girl named crystal cole, and people named petey usually feel them up in bars or at work in stairwells
petey in club starts feelin up his pookey girl or nails her in the broken elevator at work.
hawaiian word for p-n-s

“my pookey’s huge” or “i put my pookey in her mouth”
the filipino word for v-g-n-.
i’m going to shove my —– into your pookey!
a s-xual term said when one partner wants to give the other partner head.
im so h-rny, can i give you pookey?

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