a boy who is hot and gets a lot of poon
callen gets all of poon he is a poonboi

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  • kitet

    a phrase to call an awesome,cute,handsome and nice man.kitet also has such a good creative thinking and problem solving skill wow,look that! the handsome that can solve the big problem.just call him kitet!

  • pinkle winkle mctinkle

    another term for uriantion your driving makes me pinkle winkle mctinkle in my pants!

  • bullchic

    ostentatious shows of wealth and style with the aim of elevating self-importance, but instead reveals a shallow and deceitful personality. i saw bob in a new porsche yesterday. he thinks it will make people admire him…but it ‘s just bullchic. if only he was more humble, he might have more friends.

  • ondraya

    the name of a boss -ss b-tch who know she a queen and got the mind of a n-gg-,who ride for her own “dayummm who dat?” “oh girl thats ondraya”

  • stooted

    to be stooted means to be stoned and f-cked up. “i’ll say ralph, that marijuana cigarette sure got me feeling pretty stooted” “hey you guys wanna go go get stooted?” “nah i gotta hit the books man”

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