something which from a distance might appear interesting, but upon closer examination is found to be deceptively lame, stupid, or flat out idiotic.
john was walking away from the car show disappointed that most of the nice cars were fibergl-ss kits attached to cr-ppy sunfire and cavalier frames “i know better than to be deceived into attending this p–pcarnival ever again !”

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  • poop-ch-ka

    an adverb originating in dayton, ohio. the word p–p-ch-ka is used to state that a pipe containing marijuana has been successfully depleted. that pipe is tasting nasty, it is p–p-ch-ka.

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    p–p followed by dizzle because the word dizzle is funny(yukky yukky. very grose. nasty.) 1)your a p–pdizzle 2)ewwwww look its p–pdizzle

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    having irregular bowel movements. particularly explosive diarrhea. “that motherf-cker is so p–pity!”

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