that euphoric feel after taking the perfect poo
john: yo. why do you look so happy bro?

peter: p–phoria

john: well, sh-t
the euphoric feeling that occurs after a particularly satisfying poo. usually experienced when a large stool distends the r-ct-m causing the vegas nerve to fire, and often accompanied by a feeling of having undergone spontaneous weight-loss. those who experience this condition commonly report having difficulty containing their emotions even during inappropriate circ-mstances and feeling compelled to tell someone about their poo. the feeling usually p-sses in less than 1 hour, but in rare cases it can last an entire day, causing an emotional high that may be widely disparate from actual circ-mstances.
rising from the toilet, i was overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of p–phoria, and could not stop smiling due to the undeniable feeling that all was right with the world.
describes the peaceful, euphoric state that one reaches after taking a blue ribbon poo. symptoms of p–phoria include feeling lightheaded, serene, and generally oblivious to the world around you. usually wears off in 3-5 minutes.
after taking a m-ssive dump that was totally grenades, mike had that peaceful p–phoric smile on his face.
a state of temporary bliss following a big dump triggered by the combined effect of increased lightness, cleansing and the subsequent release of endorphins. this condition can last for five minutes to one hour dpending upon the size and scope of the action.
following a major cr-p i relaxed happily on my bed, drifting in a state of deep p–phoria.
the feeling of euphoria one may feel having just released a large poo.
roger:”being constipated really sucks!”
joseph: “well at least you have the p–phoria to look forward to…”
the sensation of elation after a perfect defecation.
ahh, what a relief! truly this is p–phoria.
the feeling of satisfaction gained after having taken a huge dump, specially when the urges to p–p were unbearable
following the p–phoria, mike returned to the dinner table for some steak and mashed potatoes.
the euphoric feeling experienced after an extremely satifying sh-t
whenever d-ck takes a m-ssive dump, he claims to feel p–phoria.

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