a splendid little surprise when you least expect
hayley, i just went to the bathroom to pee and ended up with a nice little p–pnugg!

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  • p**p on ice

    something that just kind of sucks; a letdown. i went to see that new movie everyone was talking about…it was p–p on ice.

  • p**p politics

    an established set of rules and appropriate actions to be taken following a discharge of feces during -n-l intercourse. usually decided at the moment of said discharge; clean-up is generally accepted to be the responsibility of the p–per. however, p–pee must remain cool, calm and collected at all times to ensure the emotion stability of […]

  • p**p-shrinery

    the act of worshiping the place for fecal matter 1. after taking a seat in the booth, kyle felt the need to go to the p–p-shrinery.

  • poor boying it

    walking. lacking other modes of transportation. usually referencing a lack of funds. you pitchin’ in for gas?… no!!!… guess you’ll be po’ boyin it then. see ya, loser. a descriptive term for being broke. usually used when people see your lunch consists of tuna from a can and they know you aren’t on a diet. […]

  • pooricua

    broke–ss, deadbeat spics, specifically puerto ricans. “juan can’t even afford money for the metrocard, but he’s always got money for lottery tickets. where’s he get the money for that? he must be a pooricua.”

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