Poor Baby

1)its a phrase people say sometimes when they feel sorry for you but want you to feel happy instead, usually said in a sad or singsongy way, like you want to hug the person saying it or they want to hug you

2)a)it’s a phrase people say sometimes when they are being sarcastic because either they think you’re feeling sorry for yourself and they think that’s silly,b) they feel sorry for you because you can’t partic-p-te being too weak or didnt get good enough grades orc) it’s a sarcastic phrase meaning they think you’re trying to make people feel sorry for you whether you know it or not, or whether they like it or not
1)if a kid has no friends he can go home and tell his much older sister or somebody and she can say “poor baby” and give him a hug, esp if he’s sad or she didnt have friends till college, something like that

2a)if the same big sister is trying to cheer him up, she can say “poor baby” as a joke, as long as someone gets it
2b)if a kid is too small or clumsy to play basketball, one of the guys call say that to toughen him up, even if that doesn’t cheer him up enough to try playing ball
2c)if a kid goes into high school expecting to be noticed for being something special or outstanding and n-body cares, if he looks whiny or doesn’t get it somebody might say “poor baby” to get him to think about it better
a “poor baby” is a person who believes he is the coolest person alive, but in reality is just a big sucker. he also collects dvds by the hundreds, but only watches them once each.
hey look everybody, there is a poor baby over there!

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