pop n fresh emissions test

practical joke of choice for pranksters who are frequently spied upon. the prankster creates an elaborate distraction for the voyeur, while he has an accomplice (usually a butler) sneak behind the victim’s car and lodge canned cookie dough into the tailpipe.

this will cause the emissions to back up and damage the vehicle, rendering in inoperable, ideally in an isolated location such as nearby an empty field. other effects of the prank can be considered a bonus, such as if the c-mulative pressure of the exhaust expels the dough like a cannon. the best case scenario is when the dough has been expelled and is discovered to have baked to perfection. the prankster and the victim may then enjoy the product together, -ssuming the two are on sufficiently amicable terms.
sh-t dawg lets see how he likes a pop n fresh emissions test all up in his new ride!!!

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